Raghavendra Tripathi

University of Washington. Department of Mathematics.


C 34 Padelford Hall

University of Washington

Seattle, WA 98105


I am Raghavendra Tripathi, currently a 4th year PhD student at the University of Washington, Seattle. I am working under the supervision of Prof. Soumik Pal. We are currently investigating optimization problems on graphons. I am also interested in random matrix theory and optimal transport.

Before coming to Seattle, I received my Master’s degree in mathematics from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Outside mathematics I am interested in linguistics and poetry.


Jan 12, 2024 Visiting ICTS Bangalore
Jan 6, 2024 Attending International Colloquium on Random Geometry at IISER Pune
Nov 29, 2023 Speaking in the probability seminar at UBC.
Nov 16, 2023 Going for 22nd Northeast Probability Seminar
Oct 11, 2023 Received Walter J. Michaelis Grad Fellowship in Mathematics.